Powerful, emotional live performances

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Uniting art, talent, and passion in one person.

How Rayla Sunshine became one of the most prominent singers and presenters.

Rayla Sunshine im schwarzen Blouson

When live music and a bangin DJ set unify!

Whether an exclusive event, wedding, anniversary celebration or any extravagant party – the “Raylatronics” semi-playback show is the ideal headliner for your event and will bring all your guests to the dance floor from the very first minute!

A journey through the best music of the decades.

Miss Sunshine knows how to revive the music, glamor and lifestyle of the 50s and 60s like no other. In her show she performs her own jazz and lounge versions of current radio hits which makes this experience absolutely unique!

A new voice and fresh, lively attitude to event hosting.

Rayla’s on-stage enthusiasm and infectious charm guarantees a night to remember.

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